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JURA – International Coffee Day 2018

JURA – International Coffee Day 2018

01 October 2018

International Coffee Day is near approaching and JURA has taken the liberty of leading the way as innovators in creating a more sustainable future for coffee in Australia. By tossing your coffee pod for a coffee bean you’ll be doing your bit in reducing your environmental footprint (how good does that feel?)
87% of Australians drink between 1 and 3 cups of coffee per day, making it one of the most consumed beverages across the nation. 78% of those coffee drinkers are concerned about the negative impact coffee pods and takeaway cups have on the environment.
Enjoying a cup of coffee doesn’t have to be difficult; that is why JURA’s products stand for innovation, ease of use and sustainability. JURA believe in the perfect cup of coffee for the everyday Australian, using beans, freshly ground and extracted at the touch of a button providing the utmost in convenience for its users and with no environment impact, it’s a win-win.
Will you make the change?

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