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Justine Wilson – How to style your home for an open house

Justine Wilson – How to style your home for an open house

21 September 2018

We secured a segment on Studio 10 for our client, Vault Interiors.
Principal Stylist and Director, Justine Wilson joined Sarah Harris and Todd McKenney to share 5 simple tips on giving your home the edge.
You wouldn’t go on a first date without putting on your best dress? The same concept can be applied when listing your home for sale. First impressions count. Many buyers will take the time to drive by to observe the exterior of your residence, so it’s imperative that you maintain your garden and general upkeep of your front yard.
De-clutter! Not only is it important to get rid of unnecessary furnishings and décor; another issue is storing it all. Most people may consider hiring a storage unit, but that can become quite costly especially when you’re already spending money on furniture and services for your home. A great option as Justine mentioned is concealing it cleverly and neatly.
Cover and disguise odours, there’s nothing worse than entering a home and having a pungent smell penetrate your nostrils. Often times we may not be aware of an existing scent as we become used to our personal space. Make sure to neutralise this by lighting a candle, opening windows to allow optimal fresh air to enter and storing timed air freshers in each room – you could even get fancy and have a corresponding smell to the theme of the room.
Softening touches, add a throw to the couch, add a vase to the table, or add a plant in the corner. All these finishing touches will make a difference and sort of acts like make up for your home.
Store away personal photographs, as they can become a deterrent for potential buyers who won’t be able to envision themselves living at the property. Keeping a minimalist approach and painting walls a neutral colour will also help, as buyers want to envision how they would use and style your space according to their needs.


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