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Vaporise your hayfever this spring!

Vaporise your hayfever this spring!

04 October 2017

Spring means sunny days and flowers blooming, but for many people it also means hayfever, colds and a cough that just won’t quit. Luckily TAAV have you sorted with their VaporPRO, a pure steam vaporizer to keep the whole family breathing easy.
This natural steam therapy is Australian made with the latest technology, designed to relieve nasal congestion. The steam acts as a lubricant to break up congestion in the head, lungs and bronchial.
Key benefits of the TAAV VaporPRO include:
·      Ready in 10-15 minutes
·      Double wall insulation for added protection
·      Non-stick – base mounted element
·      Better flow of steam than traditional vaporizers
·      Suitable from birth
·      12-14 hours of operation
·      5 Year warranty

The TAAV VaporPRO is available now from Chemist Warehouse and selected pharmacies nationwide at an RRP of $69.95

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