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Surprise! Bold Metals Prices Reduced

Surprise! Bold Metals Prices Reduced

18 July 2017

Can you believe it's been two years since our launch of the luxe Real Techniques Bold Metals collection? It feels like just yesterday we were at the beautiful Theatre Bar at the End of the Wharf, and it's already nearly a year since we hosted Sam & Nic Chapman's first Australian Media Tour with our client Chemcorp International. Time flies when you're having fun!

This week we have some very exciting news for Bold Metals fans. The ever-popular Real Techniques Bold Metals Collection has officially had a price reduction. That’s right, you can now pick up your fave metallic wands as they’re more affordable than ever!

Just last month Sam and Nic Chapman were named YouTubers of the Year at the prestigious Glamour Women of the Year Awards. These makeup artist sisters are founders of the popular YouTube channel Pixiwoo and co-designers behind the Real Techniques brand.

We’re so proud of these beautiful ladies to have been recognised alongside so many inspiring women. The prices of the Bold Metals Collection have been reduced (yes, permanently) to celebrate the exciting award win. Our client Chemcorp International is pleased to make this luxe collection much more accessible for Australian beauty lovers.

The Bold Metals range includes nine different makeup brushes that are colour coded in gold, silver and rose gold, corresponding to the key steps of makeup application. Here are the new prices… Your wallet will be grinning!

100 Arched Powder RRP $29.50
101 Triangle Foundation RRP $27.50
102 Triangle Concealer RRP $24.50

200 Oval Shadow RRP $19.50
201 Pointed Crease RRP $19.50
202 Angled Liner RRP $19.50
203 Tapered Shadow RRP $19.50

300 Tapered Blush RRP $29.50
301 Flat Contour RRP $29.50

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