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Australia's First Off-Market Property Match-Making Platform

Australia's First Off-Market Property Match-Making Platform

16 June 2017

Did you know there's been a secret property market out there that some buyers have never known about and those who do, have never known how to get in on the action? A new online property match-making service has arrived and it’s about time, in a changing marketplace where prices have reached their peak and auction clearance rates fallen, off-market is the new 'on' market!

In an Australian first, our client Property Whispers has launched their new and unique online property match-making platform for off-market listings – properties for sale ‘on the quiet’ or 'pre-market' – designed for all buyers and real estate agents. We exclusively launched the platform last night with 7 NEWS, did you see the story? If not, check it out here

Traditionally buyers need to be on many sales agents’ databases or engage a buyers agent to access these off-market listing. No longer do buyers need to struggle or pay fees to access the off–market inner circle, they can just register for free online, click a few buttons on their smart devices and receive a match! It’s as simple as that to discover properties that buyers would have never known about before!

Likewise, real estate agents will now be able to reap the benefits of reaching far more ready buyers as the match-making platform will create a more competitive off-market sales process so properties can sell quicker than ever. It’s a win–win!

How Property Whispers Works:
1. Buyers register list their property requirements (property type, bedrooms, bathrooms, parking, price guide, suburb).
2. Real estate agents list their off-market property specifications (property type, bedrooms, bathrooms, parking, price guide, suburb) - only discoverable via a match. No street address is revealed to the buyer.
3. An instant match occurs when a buyer’s property requirements matches an off-market property and the contact details are immediately sent to both buyer and agent so they can make contact.
4. The buyer and real estate agent speak, arrange to meet to view the property and hopefully a sale follows!

For more information get in touch with our team today! Sign up to Property Whispers today and wait for the match-making magic to begin over at propertywhispers.com.au

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

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